Cottage Layout

Domino Holiday Cottage Ground Floor
Domino Holiday Cottage First Floor

Cottage Instructions

Doors and Key

When you arrive, use the big key for the gate, the other key is for the main front door which is on the left at the end of the courtyard.
The other door in the front of the house can be locked, but only from the inside. The key is usually left in the lock. Don’t forget to lock it when you go out.
You will find a spare set of keys in the little red drawer at the bottom of the shelves in the sitting room. These should be left there at the end of your stay (not returned to the agents).

40 Rue des Fetes Domino Oleron Instructions Keys


The electricity switches are at the back of the broom cupboard in the entrance, behind the little green door.

Maps and guides

There is a map of the island showing the cycle paths, in one of the baskets, on the shelves in the sitting room. There are also some guide books and information about Oleron in that basket.


The nearest rubbish containers are situated by the entrance of the market car park, behind the Tourist Office. There are special containers for glass and recyclable items (magazines, cardboard, plastic bottles, aluminum).
You should find some rubbish bags in the tray under the kitchen sink, or with the cleaning equipment, in the broom cupboard.


When you come back from the beach, we advise you to rinse off the sand at the outside tap (by the front door). The shower and bath get quickly blocked with sand otherwise.


To use the electric radiators, turn the left dial to ‘M’ and adjust the thermostat with the right dial. To heat the house to a comfortable level (21-22 oC), set the downstairs radiators to 4 and the upstairs ones to 3 1/2. The bathroom and kitchen radiators can be adjusted using the thermostat (dial), or can be set to heat for two hours by pressing the button twice rapidly, or by pressing it for one second (depending on the model).


To run the dishwasher, put a soap tablet in the dispenser box inside the door, shut the door of the dispenser box (pull until it stays shut). Then shut the door and press the ‘on’ button (the first one on the left), then press ‘auto 45o-65o’’, press ‘Vario Speed’ and press ‘Start’.
You can use the tablets provided in the little cupboard on the left side of the dishwasher. If the dishwasher is very full, use two tablets for an effective wash.

Microwave Oven

The big round button on the right opens the door. Press the +/- buttons (just on the right of the display) to adjust the cooking time. Press the ‘power’ button (the second button from the left) until the desired power level comes on display (160 for de-frosting, 750 for cooking). Press Start (the button on the right).

Washing machine

Put soap powder or liquid in the left compartment of the drawer, shut the drawer, select the appropriate program with the rotary button, then press Start.


Turn on the television set (with the LG remote), Turn on the DVD player (with the Sony remote),To watch French Television Programs:
Turn on the SFR box (with the SFR remote), With the Sony remote, press the ‘Function’ button until the display of the DVD player shows ‘HDMI1’, Follow the instructions on the screen to select channels and functions.
To watch British Television Programs:
Turn on the Sky box (with the Sky remote), With the Sony remote, press the ‘Function’ button until the display of the DVD player shows ‘HDMI2’, Select the channel using the Sky remote (press the ‘TV guide’ button, press ‘Select’, then press the left arrow button to select ‘favourites’. This will display the list of freeview channels that are available.)

Internet and Telephone

To connect to the internet, use the network called: SFR_D088 The security key for this network is: bochnejnirwivdykawv9
The phone number is 05 1635 3710. You can call landline numbers in France, most European countries and in the USA for free, but please do not call mobile numbers (except in an emergency).


The single beds (80 x200) can be joined to form a double bed (160×200) if necessary. The two clamps that are at the bottom of the room cupboards can be used to hold the two beds together. There are round notches near the legs of one of the two beds to prevent the clamps from falling:

40 Rue des Fetes Domino Oleron Instructions Beds

You will find a 160×200 mattress cover and an additional double duvet in each of the rooms cupboards.

Instruction manuals

The manuals for all electrical appliances are in a clear plastic box at the top of the cupboard above the microwave oven.

Visitors’ Book

Please share your comments, experiences and recommendations in the visitors’ book. Good or bad!

If you like the paintings in the house you can find more on the site